Social bookmarking impact on SEO

August 20, 2012


Social bookmarking impact on SEOSince social bookmark sites also sort websites by category and keywords, websites that are listed can increase the amount of targeted traffic they receive. Visitors to social bookmarking pages have the ability to search for keywords and topics that interest them, meaning that websites on these sites can benefit from an increase in targeted traffic. While the volume of traffic that comes directly from these sites will be lower than what is received through search engines, even small amounts of traffic can add up.

How To Get High Volumes of Social Bookmark Links

While the Internet offers hundreds of social bookmarking websites that webmasters can use to share their sites on, going through the process of registering and sharing links with each one is an enormous task. However, there are a number of web pages that offer low cost services that can add a website’s information and sort it accordingly. For example, offers webmasters high volume link submission services for five dollars, and the majority of the members of the website promise a turn around time of a week or less.

A large number of webmasters are struggling to regain their search engine ranking after the recent Google updates that devalued backlinks from link farms. However, by using social bookmarking sites, webmasters can easily and quickly develop a large number of high quality backlinks while also boosting their social media standing. These websites represent a low cost way of increasing search engine rankings while driving targeted traffic to a website. Read more about SEO and social bookmarking.