Boost Your Google Rankings with Social Media

December 19, 2012


social mediaCan social media influence your organic Google rankings? Is your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy outmoded? You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral tool that influences organic search results. In some cases, paid placement offers a slight boost to natural search result placement. Another player that is becoming a heavy hitter in the game of being found by online searchers is the social medium. Do you know how to enlist this player in your SEM?

A closer Look at SEO and Google

Frequently misunderstood, it bears mentioning that SEO is not synonymous with paid advertising. Instead, it is the art and science of giving a searcher what he is looking for while consistently evaluating and adjusting a blog, website, or online marketing plan with the almost daily changing searchers’ needs in mind. Whereas only about 14 percent of Google clicks come from paid searches, Stanford University notes that 86 percent of Google clicks are the results of organic searches.

You already know that Google is the most important online search engine. It facilitates 74 percent of searches. Only about 16 percent of consumers turn to Yahoo! for their online searches. Other search engines attract still lower numbers. It therefore makes sense that SEO strategies must court Google and the search inclinations of Internet users.

Google translates consumer queries into keywords. Your business’s, blog’s, or website’s ranking depends on how well your optimized keywords match up to the queries. Click here for an extensive info on improving your Google rankings.